Breaking the silence with some bagpipes, woodsmoke, and croquignoles

I realize that it’s been a long time since I posted. I’ve been thinking about you all and missing your messages and comments. ;) The counter that registers how many visits I’ve had in the last forty-eight hours is sad, too, because it’s been flatlining ever since Wednesday. (My fault for not posting anything)

So. I’m going to tell you about my weekend.

(Nearly) every year, my family has a little outing. It’s probably my favorite weekend of the whole year barring Christmas and Thanksgiving, and it’s always in the autumn. This year it was on the 22nd, the first day of autumn (and Bilbo and Frodo Baggins birthdays, for all you LotR fans!)

We go to a place north of where I live. It’s called Fort Ouiatenon, and it was built in 1717. It played a small role in the French and Indian War. O.o (Awesome, right?)

There, one weekend a year, a festival is thrown.
It’s called the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon.

Sounds cool, right? It’s amazing.

The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon is a celebration of when French fur traders came down from Canada to trade with the local Native Americans. Today it’s a celebration of the past.

Croquignoles . . . an amazing French donut. Mmmmm

Here are some views of my amazing day!ImageI have a few videos, but they won’t load. Maybe tomorrow! ;)

Ta! ~Amanda

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4 thoughts on “Breaking the silence with some bagpipes, woodsmoke, and croquignoles

  1. Yay, Amanda lives! ;)

    Sorry I haven’t been around! Still taking occasional internet breaks, still trying to FINISH that story I’m working on… Also, since I’m subscribed so I don’t miss any fantabulous posts, I’m afraid I don’t pop by much unless there’s a post…

    “The Feast of the Hunter’s Moon?” O_O That sounds so cool! And oooh I want that doughnut thingy! :) Sounds like you had an amazing time! So fun. :D


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