A Official Welcome Back


Well. As I said in my last post, I’m back!!! :) I went to the State Trap Shoot and worked, as I do every year, in the sun for about 10 hours a day for 6 days. It’s not hard work, but you have to work hard, and I generally enjoy it. :) This year I felt sooooo much better than usual, even though I got sun poisoning worse than usual. It felt good to come home with a paycheck!
I also came up with a sea-nymph/sylph novel that I’m super excited about. (It’s called Surface, and no, I haven’t started on it… I’m still doing nano :D)
Surface cover
Here are a few more pictures from my week away from y’all. :)


Also, for the record, the friends the worked with me didn’t care to have their pictures shown online, so that’s why I only chose images where I’m alone.
(I’m not narcissistic, I promise)

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5 thoughts on “A Official Welcome Back

  1. Looks kinda like… last year’s pics — surprise! :D Except… you have a cool hairdo.
    Glad you’re back and survived and NICE NEW STORY! *stares at cover*


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